Driving Tips for Parents with New Teenage Drivers

Driving Tips for Parents with New Teenage Drivers

Tips for driving with your teen behind the wheel.

“Can I drive?” may not be a phrase you are ready to hear when your teenager is old enough to get his or her driver’s permit. In fact, it can be difficult to come to terms with the fact that your child is behind the wheel. No longer are they a child in the passenger seat, but a fully-fledged driver at the wheel. Learning how to adjust to this rite of passage is simultaneously exciting and scary for both of you. Here are some tips on how to handle it.

Talk to your teen about the consequences. As an adult, you know the risks of being behind the wheel. Accidents, injuries, and more are all possible on the roads. However, your teen may not understand this to some extent. Make sure you talk to your teen calmly about the dangers of having control of the vehicle and the importance of safety.

Lead by example. Whether or not you realize it, your teen is watching your every move. Set the example as a safe driver to not only educate your child but also improve your own driving abilities. Remember to avoid distractions while behind the wheel and remain a safe and courteous driver to those on the road.

Set rules. Establish a set of rules for your teen to adhere to. You want to ensure that they remain safe, even after they have passed their test and are driving alone. Set rules about putting their phone away before driving and not picking it up while the engine is running. You may also choose to set a rule for no driving after dark until you have driven with them to build their confidence.

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