Does my Auto Insurance Cover my RV?

Does my Auto Insurance Cover my RV?

When you own an RV, you need more than auto insurance to protect your assets. Your auto policy is not likely to have coverage to protect an RV, even if it is pulled by a vehicle rather than driven. Before you assume that your policy protects the RV, be smart and review your current coverage.

Reading the Policy

Never assume that your auto policy is enough to protect your RV. In most cases, it is not enough to keep your RV safe if an accident occurs. You will need to purchase additional coverage to keep your RV safe if an accident occurs.

Getting RV Coverage

Since an RV is not covered by an auto policy, you will need RV insurance that is specifically designed around your needs. Depending on the amount of time you spend on the road, the amount of protection you need will vary. For example, you may need comprehensive coverage if you live in your RV full time, but you may only need liability if you use it for only a week in the middle of summer.

Protecting your RV is as important as protecting your vehicle. To learn more about protection plans in Phoenix, contact Aimpro.

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