Do I Have to Use the Insurer’s Recommended Repair Shop?

Do I Have to Use the Insurer’s Recommended Repair Shop?

If you make a claim on your auto insurance, your insurance company may request that you use a specific repair shop. But, do you have to use that one or can you pick another one that you prefer? Here is what you should know.


Using the insurer’s recommended repair shop


In most cases, you don’t have to use the recommended repair shop. While the insurance agency may recommend a specific shop, the final decision is up to you on which one you want to use.


However, selecting your insurance company’s repair shop isn’t necessarily a bad thing. In many cases, these repair shops offer the best quality repairs in your area. The insurance company will have verified that the repair shop has met the company’s quality standard, which may include specific equipment and training requirements.


Also, if the shop has been used by your insurance company before, they will be familiar with the claims handling process, meaning your claim and repair are handled quickly and efficiently.


Generally, as long as you choose a reputable repair shop, you should have no issues making an insurance claim. However, if you work with a shady repair shop that tries to inflate costs, lie about the manufacturer’s parts, or otherwise, the insurance company could deny your claim.


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