Dealing with Road Rage as a Driver

Dealing with Road Rage as a Driver

Get a handle on your road rage and avoid those who are angry on the road.

For some of us, even the simplest of things are annoyances: traffic, learners, road work, and tourists. With that said, it’s easy for even the best of us to get frustrated at times. Unfortunately, road rage while driving creates an incredibly dangerous situation for ourselves as well as others around.

Stay safe on the roads by checking out these tips.

If you’re the one with road rage:

  • Leave plenty of time for your journey. Road rage is caused by anxiety, and one of the main triggers of this is being late. Always leave enough time to get to your appointment or work so that there is no pressure to drive fast or dangerously.
  • Be understanding. Have you ever made a mistake at the wheel of your car? Of course! It’s all part of driving. Cut others some slack and don’t get irritated from someone making an honest mistake.
  • Know that it’s not personal. The driver ahead who is doing 20mph in a 30 zone is most likely looking for an address. The person who is driving too close behind you could be rushing to make a potentially life-changing meeting. Neither has anything against you personally.

If you’re the victim of road rage:

  • Don’t retaliate. If you find yourself being subjected to road rage by another driver, ignore them and don’t make eye contact or react in a way that they can see.
  • Pull over. If someone is driving aggressively behind you, find a safe place to pull over and let them go. It’ll add seconds to your journey, but it may save you from being involved in an accident or nasty confrontation.
  • Acknowledge your mistake. It’s easy for others on the road to take our mistakes the wrong way. Acknowledge your mistake with a wave of the hand to let others know that you admit the error and apologize for it.

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