Consider These Factors When Looking For your First Apartment

Consider These Factors When Looking For your First Apartment

Apartment Hunting Tips

Looking for your first apartment is very exciting. However, while you may want to move as soon as possible, it is important to take your time and thoroughly look at each potential place. While you are looking at different apartments, make sure to consider these key items.

  • Grounds – walk around outside of the apartment and check out the landscaping. If there are dead plants and trash covering the grounds, it may be a sign that the rest of the building is not well maintained. If you have pets, check to see where any designated pet areas are.
  • Parking – if there is a designated parking structure for the apartment complex, check to see if each resident gets an assigned parking spot. If you are moving in with someone else, find out if you will both get a spot for your cars. Also, ask about the security for the parking area, such as if there are cameras.
  • Maintenance – ask what the procedures are for handling any maintenance issues. A quick phone call may seem easy, but will the problem be fixed in a timely manner? If you can, ask a current residence about their experience with the maintenance in and around the building.
  • Noise – if you are looking at an apartment in an urban area, expect more noise than if you are moving into a more rural area. Sit quietly with the windows opened and closed to see how much noise there will be.
  • Safety – while the safety of the apartment has a lot to do with the location, there are also some safety factors to look out for. One example would be a security guard on duty or locked stairways that require a key.

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