Five Common Hidden Homeowners Insurance Credits

Five Common Hidden Homeowners Insurance Credits

Cut down on your monthly home insurance bill by applying for these credits.

When you’re looking for ways to save on homeowners insurance, there’s more that you can do than cutting down coverage and raising your deductible. Simply making your home safer is helps your home and wallet. So that you can face a realistic deductible and maintain the quality coverage that you need, apply for these top home credits instead.

Live in a gated community – Those that have the peace of mind that they live in a gated community may get to experience a discount on their insurance policy. The security and surveillance add an extra layer of protection between you and home invaders, lowering the risk of theft and vandalism.

Update wiring – Old homes with inadequate electrical systems create a sizeable fire hazard. Consider upgrading the wiring system and, depending on the age of your home, you may qualify for this credit and lower the possibility of fire!

Add impact-resistant roofing – Your home’s roof is the first major line of defense against the weather. Roofs take a beating from the wind, rain, hail, and storms. Once it’s compromised, the damage costs on a home insurance claim can rise dramatically. Adding impact-resistant roofing to your home may provide you with home insurance credit.

Kick the habit – When there’s smoke, there’s fire. Smoking continues to cause home fire fatalities in the United States. Home insurance companies tend to raise their rates if there’s a smoker in the household. Keep your premiums low to by quitting the habit.

Create a safer home – Sensors that keep our home safe are ideal for lowering home insurance costs. Be sure that you have working fire and security alarms. Go one step further by installing sensors that detect water or natural gas leaks.

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