Is Your Classic Car Properly Insured?

Is Your Classic Car Properly Insured?

Classic Car Insurance

When you buy a classic car, you are doing more than just buying another vehicle, you are buying a piece of history. Since classic cars are slightly different than typical cars, they require special insurance coverage to protect them on and off the road. To ensure that you choose the right coverage for your specific needs, keep these classic car insurance buying tips in mind.

  • Know that this is specialty coverage – since classic car coverage is different than your existing personal auto insurance policy, your insurance company may make special requirements when they are writing your policy. They can put special restrictions on the activities that you can do with your classic car, and the amount of miles that you are allowed to drive each year.
  • Your coverage may be limited – depending on your policy, your coverage may only kick in during specific situations or events, such as when you are participating in a parade or car show. Your insurance company may require you to transport your classic car in an enclosed trailer rather than drive it to the event to reduce the risk of damage.
  • Know the terminology – if you do not understand a part of your policy, make sure to ask. If you assume that you know what the terms mean, and are wrong, you may not have the coverage that you think you have. One of the most commonly misunderstood terms when it comes to classic car insurance is agreed upon value. Since classic cars are not valued the same way that current cars are, you will come up with an agreed upon value with your insurance agent, which will be the amount that you will receive if your car is a totaled from a covered peril.

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