Choosing the Best Video Security System: How to Get It Right

Choosing the Best Video Security System: How to Get It Right

By Arl Adoreno

 With the sheer number of security systems available in the market today, choosing the most appropriate product to suit your needs can be quite a challenging task. However, since using the best camera surveillance system can help provide more security inside and outside your home or place of business, deter potential criminal activities and provide valuable help in tracking the bad guys down, you should know how to choose one that can give you the level of protection that you need.

By installing an appropriate video surveillance system in your home, you can prevent child or elderly care abuse and protect your valuable possessions from being stolen. In the same manner, having them in your place of business can help you deter theft, burglary, shoplifting and vandalism. It can likewise protect you against sexual harassment and other unnecessary workers’ compensation claims.

So, how do you make sure you get the best camera surveillance system for your home and business use? Here are some things that you may need to consider.

Some Factors to Consider When Choosing a Security System

Purpose. You need to identify your purpose before you go shopping for a security system. Do you need one that will monitor the activities within your home or business area or do you need to keep the outer confines protected as well? This will help you determine how extensive your system needs to be.

Video quality. Needless to say, the best surveillance cameras are generally more expensive as compared to those that come with a lower tag price. For best results, choose high-resolution cameras that come with 480 lines or more since they give good quality images. You should also consider using infrared (IR) cameras since they are capable of producing high color resolution videos during the day and can give clearer images in low or no light conditions.

Placement. Use weather-proof cameras if you are going to install cameras outside your home or business. They are more durable as compared to indoor cameras and are built to withstand extreme weather conditions.

Recorder capacity. How much footage do you want to record and archive? What level of video quality do you need and how many cameras do you need to install? These will all depend on the quality of the DVR you are using.

Ease of installation. If you want hassle-free installation, you can always choose wireless cameras since they are the easiest to install. However, you should also remember that wired cameras are more reliable, produce better and clearer images and have a longer lifespan as compared to the wireless versions.

Remote viewing capability. Do you want to be able to monitor your video footage using a mobile device? If you do, you may want to choose a surveillance system that enables remote access.

The right video surveillance system can help you get the level of security that you need so you better know what you need and do your research before buying one.

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