Car Safety: 5 New Revolutionary Features

Car Safety: 5 New Revolutionary Features

Granted, car safety has progressed dramatically since seat belts were made mandatory in the 1960’s. Not only have padded dashboards, unibody construction, crumple zones and airbags become pretty much standard, but new technology is taking modern safety features to an entirely new level. Here are 5 new advances you can look forward to in your next car:

1. Blind Spot Monitoring – Although mirrors are effective, there are areas known as "blind spots" where a vehicle may be beside you that you can’t see. A blind spot monitor alerts you to those vehicles so you don’t accidentally switch lanes and hit one.

2. Rear Cross Traffic Monitor – When backing up, especially in a busy area, it is easy to not see either a person or an oncoming vehicle. Cross traffic monitors will "see" those obstacles and alert you to them.

3. Occupant Sensitive Airbags – While airbags have been around a while, the new breed of airbags pays attention to the size of the person they’ll affect. This makes them much safer for children as well as more effective for overweight or underweight people as well.

4. Collision Detect – While collision detection monitors have become more popular over the last few years, alerting drivers to a possible collision ahead, the new generation takes this one step further. If the driver doesn’t take action to prevent a collision, the car takes the action for you by stopping the car automatically. 

5. Automatic Parking – One place where dents and dings take place all too often is in parallel parking places. Today, with the press of a button, the car can park itself. No more backing and filling and backing and filling to squeeze into a parallel parking space!

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