Business Disaster Planning: Protect Yourself Right

Business Disaster Planning: Protect Yourself Right

When it comes to planning for a disaster, business owners have a lot more things to keep track of than most people. If you’re a business owner, you have concerns about inventory, customer service and support, sales, employees and a whole host of other things that have to have solutions if disaster strikes. While you may have options for a place to rebuild your business, how to retain your employees and replacing your inventory, have you figured out how to protect your business records and computer information?

There are a couple of solutions to keep your computer data and records safe. Here’s how:

– Use a document imaging system to convert all of your paper documents, from correspondence to invoices and bills, into an electronic format. Not only does this reduce the amount of paper in your office, it makes backing up your records extremely convenient.

– Either take advantage of a USB backup system and keep it off site after backing up your system or use a cloud based backup system. Or both. Keeping a copy of your backup off site ensures the data stays safe in case of a disaster.

Regardless of how you protect your data, having a business/commercial insurance plan in place to financially protect you can be the key to getting back in business as quickly as possible. If you’re in Arizona, check with Aimpro to make sure you have the business insurance coverage you need. As a part of a business disaster plan, insurance plays a key role.

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