Top Five Bad Driving Habits to Avoid Like the Plague

Top Five Bad Driving Habits to Avoid Like the Plague

Bad driving habits increase your risk of accidents, bumps, and higher insurance. Don’t take the risk.

Many drivers on the roads don’t drive like they did in their driving test. While good habits slip away, poor ones take over. While some of these are relatively harmless, there are some major actions that all drivers, new and experienced, should always avoid. Some can even carry legal penalties, so there is an extra reason to make sure that your driving is safe and sound!

Check out these top five habits to avoid while behind the wheel.

Not wearing a seat belt

For youngsters and aged drivers alike, it’s far too easy to think that we’re indestructible. Safety measures often seem unnecessary when we believe the bad stuff won’t happen to us. The only problem is, the risk is very real, and incidents do occur in the most unexpected of circumstances. Always buckle up!

Using a cell phone

This is a pretty obvious one, but it’s something that many drivers continue to do even though penalties are in place for anyone caught doing it. Calling, texting, and scrolling through social media are all huge no-nos when it comes to driving. When your eyes, mind, and hands are off the road, it only spells out disaster. Place your phone far out of reach before you set off driving so that you’re not tempted to read Facebook’s headlines.

Driving too fast

Shaving a few minutes off your commute could result in a hefty speeding fine or worse, an accident. Don’t speed up for that amber light, and certainly don’t speed well beyond the limit. Slow down in residential and school zones, as you never know what is around the corner.

Not using signaling

The signal is there to communicate to other drivers. If you fail to use your signal before moving over or turning, it could spell out danger. It’s easy to use and incredibly valuable!

Staying in the left lane

The left lane is for passing. If there are only a handful of cars on the road and you’re hogging the left lane, not only is it bad practice, but it means those behind you are forced to overtake you from the right. When you do pass a vehicle, always aim to move back over to the right for safety.

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