Baby Boomers Redefine Retirement with Adventure Activities

Baby Boomers Redefine Retirement with Adventure Activities

A new generation is redefining retirement by diving into high-energy activities and seeking new experiences – from motorcycle riding and hiking to kayaking and whitewater rafting.

According to adult-community builder, Del Webb, high-energy clubs and activity groups are gaining popularity across the nation, with health and fitness emerging as a top interest among both Del Webb residents and prospective homebuyers.

“Recreational interests among baby boomers are more diverse than ever before. Sure, golf and tennis are still popular, but now so are outdoor adventure activities like canoeing and kayaking, marathon running, rock climbing, off-roading and even sky diving,” says Judy Julison, Del Webb’s national director of lifestyle.

Expectations about age, vitality and quality of life continue to be redefined and emphasize the importance of physical activity, explains Julison. Advancements in health care and improved access to a wide variety of fitness and wellness oriented programs have contributed to promoting improved health and extending life expectancy. Boomers feel years younger than their chronological age and this typically is reflective of their active lifestyle.

According to the most recent Del Webb Baby Boomer survey, 80 percent of boomers indicated that they feel younger than their current age. More specifically, younger boomers, age 50, said they feel 10 years younger, boomers in their early 60s said they feel 13 years younger and Del Webb residents with a median age of 65 said they feel 15 years younger than their actual age.

“Baby boomers enjoy ‘experiences,’ rather than just ‘activities.’ They are also known to go to great lengths to resist the realities of aging,” Julison says. “Our Del Webb residents are constantly seeking new, active and high-energy activities that can be incorporated into their everyday life, that also allow them to socialize and have fun. They are often motivated by a simple desire to try something new or to engage in an experience that challenges them physically and mentally.”

Source: Del Webb

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