What Does Homeowners Insurance Really Cover?

What Does Homeowners Insurance Really Cover?

Everyone who owns a home wants to have homeowner’s insurance to protect themselves in case of freak accident. Besides the basics, many homeowners do not know what their insurance actually covers. There are quite a few things that you might be surprised to learn is covered under your general home insurance policy. Here are a few of the unusual things that might be included in your coverage:

  • When looking at the stars, you generally are more focused on wishing on shooting stars, but what if one of those stars or comets makes it a bit further and damages your house? While not specifically listed, most policies cover debris of all sorts falling from the sky under a “falling object” category.
  • Animals bring with them a whole different slew of liability. Besides the normal pet damage, animal damage is usually covered as well. Whether you’re worried about animals stampeding and invading your home or a skunk wandering in and smelling up your house, you can rest easy knowing your coverage could entitle you to money that could help cover your cleanup costs.
  • When you think water damage, you think of broken pipes, but even strange forms of water damage are usually covered. Did you sit on your waterbed with a pin in your shorts? Did your friend smash your 50-gallon fish tank? You may have to prove that these items were maintained or used properly, and didn’t operate as they were supposed to in order to get compensation for the repair costs, but you are covered in these unusual water incidents.

Not every insurance policy is identical so coverage for unusual incidents like these may be different from policy to policy, but it may put your mind at ease to know that even if some strange event occurs and causes damage, you are likely covered with your homeowners’ insurance coverage!

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