Are your Teens Delivering Pizzas this Summer? Check Their Auto Coverage.

Are your Teens Delivering Pizzas this Summer? Check Their Auto Coverage.

When your teen gets a job in pizza delivery for the summer, it may seem that he or she has the appropriate coverage for the vehicle. The problem is that even a part time delivery job can put your teen at risk because he or she is driving more often.

Review the Current Plan

Before you allow your adult child to go off to college and start working in delivery service, review his or her current auto policy. Read through the auto insurance information to determine what is covered and what is not. Delivery jobs can put your young driver at risk of an accident, so comprehensive plans may be the best approach to protecting a driver.

Add to the Plan

In some cases, it may be necessary to add to the current plan for better accident protection. You want a plan that will cover the expenses of hospital fees as well as the cost to the car and liability.

Protecting a teen driver can seem complicated, but it is primarily about the amount of driving involved. A small amount of driving means that the risks are limited. To learn more about finding appropriate insurance plans in Phoenix, contact Aimpro.

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