Are my Items Covered Under my Roommate’s Renters Insurance?

When you are considering renters insurance and you are worried about your belongings while you are in college, it is important to recognize what is and what is not covered under the plan your roommate has purchased.

The Coverage

In general, teens with a roommate are not covered just because the other individual has already obtained protection. The renters protection will only apply to your personal belongings, so that means you are not protecting your assets just because roommates have purchased a plan already.

Getting Protection

Although young adults are not protected by the general renters policy of another individual, getting personal protection for belongings in case a fire, flood or similar event occurs is an affordable option. The general renters policy has a low cost because it only needs to protect your personal belongings. The cost of repairing the apartment or building is the responsibility of the landlord.

Protecting your personal belongings will require the appropriate protection plan for your needs. In general, a roommate’s plan will not be enough to keep your belongings safe. To learn more about protecting your belongings with an appropriate renter’s policy in Phoenix, contact Aimpro.