4 Things Every Phoenix Renter Should Know

4 Things Every Phoenix Renter Should Know

At Aimpro Insurance in Phoenix, Arizona we are dedicated to making sure our clients have all of the information needed to make the most informed insurance choices when looking for homeowner or rental insurance.   Whether you are a college student or a senior considering Phoenix because of its thriving retirement communities, before you make any decisions about renting in the Phoenix area, here are 4 frequently asked questions that will help you understand your rights as a renter.  

1. Payment Structure.  

You may be interested to know that a landlord is not required to accept partial rent payments.  You should become familiar with the Arizona Residential Landlord and Tenant Act in order to gain more insight on questions such as this.  If your landlord and you do agree on a partial payment plan it should be accompanied by an agreement that spells out the terms specifically.  

2. Utility Charges.

According to the Arizona Tenants’ Rights and Responsibilities Handbook, a landlord has the right to charge a tenant for utilities.  Should this be the case, the lease should specify how these will be calculated and that you are only responsible for those used by you.

3.  Rent Assistance.

Should you fall behind or experience difficulty paying your monthly rent, there are Phoenix area programs designed to help you recover.  Rent Assistance has a whole directory of organizations that can help.  The government program, Section 8 is another option for families with low-income or financial difficulties due to job loss or illness.

4.  Health and Safety Issues.

According to the Arizona Tenants’ Right and Responsibilities Handbook, problems with electrical outlets or faulty door locks are serious issues that should be addressed by your landlord immediately.  If you have advised the landlord of the problem and there has been no resolve, provide a written notice, if this is not handled within 5 days of the written notification, you may need to take further action for your own safety.  If you are having problems with your landlord about this or another type of issue you should contact the Landlord/Tenant Counseling Program for help.

Renters Insurance is another type of policy that we at Aimpro can help you with.  Most renters don’t even realize that they are not covered by the landlord’s insurance in the event of damage to their personal property. For more information about how to choose the right Renters Insurance coverage for your needs in Phoenix Arizona please contact Aimpro Insurance today!

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