3 Reasons to Never Leave Your Pet in a Car

3 Reasons to Never Leave Your Pet in a Car

You’re fifteen minutes late to an important meeting and you’ve just realized that you still have your dog with you. What do you do? The answer is never to leave your pet in the vehicle, no matter how quick the errand you have to run is. Here are a few reasons you should never leave your pet in a car.

1. A pet can die in just minutes, even if it doesn’t seem very hot. Animals overheat faster than people, and cars heat up very quickly. Ever sit in a hot car and burn yourself on the seat? The same principle applies–except your pet can’t get out!

2. Concerned citizens could take action. Many people are aware that a dog or cat in a car can die, which means there have been instances of concerned citizens breaking windows to save a pet. In fact, if a child is left in a car breaking a window is not only legal but is the advised course of action.

3. Even at night, your pet could damage your vehicle. Not only could your pet leave waste in your car, they could also scratch up your upholstery and your dashboard.

Leaving a pet in car isn’t the only thing that can be hazardous to your vehicle. You can contact Aimpro today to learn more about automobile insurance and the coverage that you need to protect your vehicle and your family.

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