Road Trip Tips for Your Thanksgiving Getaway

Road Trip Tips for Your Thanksgiving Getaway

Travel to your Thanksgiving destination safely with these tips.

Millions of Americans take to the roads the week of Thanksgiving to see their parents, in-laws, family members, or friends. Wherever you’re heading, you’re likely to know that the roads will be packed full of holiday goers!

To make your Thanksgiving road trip a smooth one, put these tips into practice!

Plan it – Map out your route before leaving! With Google Maps and navigation systems, you can easily find the fastest route to your destination. Map out an alternative route just in case there are road closures and traffic delays on the day.

Get it checked – Before you head out on the road for a long journey, ensure that your vehicle can survive it! Get the tires, fluids, engine, brakes, and windscreen wipers checked out. If any of these are looking a little worse for wear, take your car to a pro to fix it up before the drive.

Drive safely – More cars will be on the roads Thanksgiving week. Because of this, take extra care. Give trucks plenty of room, indicate before switching lanes, and reduce your speed in inclement weather.

Leave early – If you and the kids are up for it, set off early, either the night before or at the crack of dawn. Avoid leaving during rush hour as this will add hours onto your travel time!

Take breaks – If you’re the designated driver for the full 8-hour stretch, be sure to take regular breaks to stretch, eat, and hydrate!

Update your kit – Your car’s emergency kit should be stocked with a first aid kit, non-perishable food, handy tools, blankets, a flashlight, water, and other essentials.

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