Top Tips for Safe Holiday Shopping

Top Tips for Safe Holiday Shopping

Shop safely for the holiday cheer, without the fear.

‘Tis the season of gift-giving and present-shopping. It’s also the season when data thieves are waiting for unsuspecting shoppers. Keeping your financial information safe is critical when shopping for the holidays! Becoming the victim of a crime can ruin the holidays faster, but following a few easy tips can help reduce your risk of running into trouble while you’re shopping.

In-store shopping:

  1. Never leave valuable items in clear view in your vehicle windows, otherwise, you could be looking at stolen belongings and a broken car window. Leave your valuables in the trunk over a cover.
  2. Always lock your vehicle when you are in park or at a stoplight.
  3. Park in well-lit areas, and preferably nearby other vehicles or buildings.
  4. When stopping for fuel, lock your vehicle when leaving it and also while pumping gas. Thieves could steal your personal items when your attention is on the pump.
  5. Always ask for a receipt of your purchases. If you do a big shop, always make sure that you pick up all of your carry bags from the register.
  6. Never leave your purse in your shopping cart.

Online shopping:

  1. Do not respond to spam emails.
  2. Be sure you are going to the stores legitimate website. It is better to log directly onto the retailers website rather than follow a link. If a website looks poorly designed, sends you lots of pop-ups, and doesn’t seem right, don’t purchase from the site.
  3. Avoid filling out forms in email messages that ask for your personal and financial information.
  4. Confirm your online purchase is secure – Before paying, look in the address box for an “s” in the https:// (not just http://) and in the lower right corner of the screen for the “padlock” icon.

We hope these tips and hints help you this holiday shopping season! Find out more ways on how to save money and protect your finances by contacting the experts at Aimpro Insurance. We’re here to serve insurance to individuals, families, and businesses in Phoenix and the surrounding Arizona area.

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