Decorate the Halls Safely with These Tips

Decorate the Halls Safely with These Tips

Get your home in the festive spirit by decorating with these safety tips in mind.

For most people, the holidays are a time for family festivities, good cheer, and decking the halls. Christmas trees, menorahs, and wreaths welcome guests at front doors, and strings of sparkling holiday lights outline windows. But as homeowners decorate their properties, they should be aware of the dangers that come with decking the halls. Dry Christmas trees and lighted candles comprise are some of the greatest holiday dangers.

Keep your home and family safe with these tips in mind.

Select a fresh tree.

A fresh, hydrated tree poses less of a fire risk than a dry tree does. Once you’ve selected your tree, let is stand in a bucket of fresh water for at least 24 hours before bringing it into the home. Never place it near a heat source such as a fireplace or heater as this could be a major fire risk. Keep your tree up for no longer than two weeks, as it will start to become dry and lose its needles around that time.

String lights with care.

Make sure that you always turn your lights off before you go to bed. Leaving them on unattended is not only a waste of electricity but it’s a major fire hazard. When prepping your string lights, ensure that there are no broken wires or damaged plugs that could spell disaster. Do not overload sockets, too. If you’re hanging lights outside, ensure they are lights specifically for outside use, and avoid placing them around the window frames by hammering nails into the wire.

Take caution with candles.

Candles play a large part in holiday decorations, from cinnamon scented candles to religious significance. Ensure that these lit candles are out of reach of children and pets, and that you always blow them out before leaving a room. Never use candles to decorate the tree, too. Consider opting for battery-operated candles that will give your home that festive glow without the risk of fire.

With a little thought and planning, it’s easy to make sure that the holidays will be merry and bright. We all know that getting the wrong present for the holidays is disappointing, but keep in mind that losing all of your presents to a holiday fire (that could have been easily avoided) is far worse. For the right homeowners insurance this season, visit AimPro Insurance, serving Phoenix and neighboring areas in Arizona.

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