Top 3 Tips to Beat Work Stress!

Top 3 Tips to Beat Work Stress!

Find out the top tips to cope with stress in your job.

Most of us are running hard, juggling a social life, work, family, friends, errands, and…we’re missing on…oh, of course! Sleep! In short, lives are becoming busier and people today are trying to squeeze more work into a single day than ever before.

With little down time, many are starting to feel the effects of burning a candle at both ends. This results in deteriorated health through heart disease, stress, poor eating, and simply not taking care of one’s self.

Three out of every four American workers report stress on the job. With that said, note these three tips to beat work stress and prolong your career!

  • More sleep – A lack of sleep can impact out cognitive performance, such as out attention and working memory, research shows. As we juggle work with home, a full 8 hours of sleep should be had each night!
  • Live right – From eating balanced (and regular!) meals, to regularly exercising, you can reduce stress and trips to the doctor and costly outlays to operate more effectively on and off the job.
  • Pace yourself – It’s easy to feel the pressure of work and home, but scheduling time for even little things and setting realistic time frames can reduce the buildup of stress! Put everything in perspective – will the world end if your client can’t meet until 3 p.m. instead of 1 p.m.? Probably not! Always remember, “don’t sweat the small stuff!”

Good health means being better equipped physically and emotionally for your next career move! Not only will you feel better, but so will your bank account!

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